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Cost Effective Services for Recruiting Administration(BPO)

Who We Are –

HR Business Solutions works with organizations that want to focus their recruiting efforts on interviewing and hiring quality candidates.  We provide resources, staff and tools for resume screening, sourcing and tracking.  We help HR organizations remain scaleable by owning the burden of resume administration.

The Challenge-

The pressure is on Human Resources to align their practices with the  organization’s overall business strategy.  This requires organization, communication, process redesign and performance measurement just to start.  

The Solution- Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)-

HR Business Solutions has had a positive impact on organizations by decreasing fixed costs and off loading administrative burdens allowing our HR partners to re-focus their resources on transactions that add value to their overall organization strategy.

BPO strategies are not new.  Most organizations are familiar with Human Resource Outsource strategies for other traditional HR administration such as Payroll, Workers Comp., Benefits and Unemployment...

These are areas where organizations have already realized technology enhancements and process improvements after implementing Human Resource Outsource strategies. 

So why not continue along the HR administration chain, and BPO the non-value recruitment process administration while reducing your cost and maintaining high quality service delivery?

HR Business Solutions is a service.  All resumes are read and processed by an HR professional – not software.  Our core services of Job Posting – Resume Screening, Resume Searching, Candidate Qualifying, and Source Tracking have had positive results on our clients in the following industries.


   Financial Services



Restaurant/Food Service



HR Business Solutions

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