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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the benefit of having HR Business Solutions take on the task of recruitment administration instead of using one of my own staff?  

By outsourcing the ownership of resources and recruiting process administration to HR Business Solutions, you allow your staff to focus their time and efforts on interviewing, hiring and on-boarding. This encourages an environment allowing for the alignment of HR business practices with those of the organization - Supporting a strategy aimed at achieving significant competitive advantage.  

Who partners with HR Business Solutions and Why?

Direct Employers – Outsource ownership of resources and recruitment process administration to HR Business Solutions so they can focus their staff and/or managers on core functions that add value and profit to their business.  Companies also prefer our transactional delivery model and variable expenses over owing fixed costs for cyclical administration.

Third Party ProvidersOutsource ownership of resources and recruitment process administration so their staff can focus their time on servicing their clients.

Franchises, Associations-OrganizationsOffer their members discounted rates to HR Business Solutions services as an added member benefit.  

How does the Resume Screening service differ from Key-Word Sorting Software?

To screen resumes HR Business Solutions begins by talking to you in order gain a full understanding of the job description, responsibilities and job requirements.  When we have come to an agreement of the hiring criteria, HR Business Solutions then goes to work.  As resumes pour into a source-coded, designated e-mail address, each resume is read by an HR professional to review your hiring criteria such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Actual job responsibilities – not just titles
  • Duration of stay at jobs
  • Track record of upward mobility
  • Education and continuing education…                                   
  • Resumes that meet your criteria are sent along to you.

Key-Word Sorting Software sorts resumes based on key-words.



What happens to the resumes you screen out?

The resumes that do not meet your hiring criteria for a particular job remain in a designated slot in the HR Business Solution database for future use by you only.  All resumes are kept for a one year time period.  

Where and How do you search for resumes on the internet?

Armed with a thorough understanding of the job responsibilities, requirements and hiring criteria, HR Business Solutions searches over 100,000 different sources on the internet, including Monster and America’s Job Bank.  Successfully searching for resumes on the internet takes a combination of skill, time and patience.  We have all three.

Please contact Nancy Trout for more information 508-335-6372  HR Business Solutions – Let Us Fish For Your Resumes


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