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Resume Screening Administration and Delivery:

Once the job has been posted, our expert screening process takes over.  

To screen resumes HR Business Solutions begins by talking to you in order gain a full understanding of the job description, responsibilities and job requirements.  When we have come to an agreement of the hiring criteria, HR Business Solutions then goes to work.  As resumes pour into a source-coded, designated e-mail address, each resume is read by an HR professional to review your hiring criteria such as:

  • Years of experience
  • Actual job responsibilities – not just titles
  • Duration of stay at jobs
  • Track record of upward mobility
  • Education and continuing education…

Resumes that meet your criteria are sent along to you.

Imagine having the convenience of an HR professional screening all of your resumes for just $3.00 per day for 60 days. Compared to the time and cost associated with that of an in-house recruiter or administrator - this service can't be beat. 


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